Suneel's Light - Meet the Boys - Thomas P.

The words “Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy” were first uttered when Thomas was only 23 months old. A genetic test confirmed our worst fears a few months later. Now, at four and a half years old, Thomas continues to thrive and at most times is no different than other preschoolers.

This year, Thomas has started pre-K at St. John Vianney, which he affectionately calls “Church school!” He loves pretending to be a fireman, riding his bicycle, going to the zoo, and most of all, wrestling with his twin sister, Megan.

Although we try to keep his life as normal as possible, his routine is marked with daily stretches and therapy sessions, uncomfortable night braces, and numerous doctor appointments. Through it all, he keeps his charming smile and wins over the hearts of all he encounters.

Thomas P.
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