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Suneel Ram is the namesake of a foundation called Suneel's Light and one of the amazing and inspiring children battling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

Suneel is a typical boy, he wants to stay up late, watch more TV, play video games and read comic books. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, likes going to school, and loves cheering on the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.

Suneel attends St Joes Collegiate Institute. He is learning to be an announcer for his classmates' football games and he is hoping to do the same for their hockey games.

Suneel does not want himself or anyone to be defined by disability. While Suneel wishes he did not have to rely on his power wheelchair, experience the endless doctor visits, or the numerous therapies, he is grateful for their assistance. He is grateful for the help he receives from others. He is grateful for the kindness and compassion that is surrounding him at St. Joes enabling him to participate and contribute! He is grateful for the kindness and compassion that surround his life from his family, friends, Suneel's Light Board, volunteers and our community!

He has hopes and dreams for the future! He is imaginative, creative, and optimistic. One of his dream's is to some day be involved in the world of animation and video games. He hopes one day to be an animator.

Another one of his dreams is to be a sports announcer. He hopes one day to be announcing for the Buffalo Sabres or Buffalo Bills, especially as we win The Stanley Cup or The Superbowl!

His Most Important Hope, Wish, and Dream is to see there be effective treatments for Duchenne for all our boys and that everyone has an equally important place at the table in our world!!

Suneel R.
Email: info@suneelslight.org  |  Phone: (716) 243-0882
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